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Carmen Harris ... Heal Your Story

No matter whether you are taking your first breath in this world or breathing your last, the one thing we humans have in common is our unique ability to gather stories. Your story could be about the trauma of your difficult birth, the abandonment of being sent to boarding school, or the ordeal of your first girlfriend dumping you. Stories are powerful and can affect us in many different ways : as distressing memories to look back upon; as negative beliefs that hinder our everyday lives; as energy-sapping fears about our future. The construction of stories is what sets us humans apart from the animal kingdom.


A deer is chased by a tiger. During the adrenaline-fuelled pursuit the deer is in a heightened state of stress. Yet, the moment the tiger is outwitted and the danger is over, you’ll see the deer gently dip its head and calmly return to grazing... as though the previous terror-stricken moments had never happened.

A human is chased by a tiger. During the heart-thumping pursuit the human’s getaway is driven by an overwhelming fear of death. The moment the tiger is outwitted and the danger is over, what does the human do? To begin with, eating is totally out of the question! First the human must dissect and give meaning to the event of the chase. This involves formulating ideas and beliefs about him/herself and the world at large : I am such an UNLUCKY person; I am so CARELESS ; I am a VICTIM ; I am TERRIFIED of open spaces; I am HELPLESS and VULNERABLE in this unpredictable and dangerous world.

These traumatic stories of our past bury deep inside the human psyche-either at a conscious or unconscious level. The environment then becomes a minefield of sights, sounds, tastes, smells and sensations that can trigger the human’s automatic Fight, Flight or Freeze response. For example, it will take only the sight of striped wallpaper, the sound of rustling leaves, the smell of damp earth, the texture of fur or the taste of that last meal before the chase, to cause our heart to thump, our shoulders to tense, our neck to stiffen, our mouth to go dry, or our stomach to cramp. Over the years these constant reactions and contractions cause untold damage to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. We give names to the resulting damage such as Depression, Arthritis, PTSD, Ulcer, Phobia, Panic Attack, Migraine, Sciatica, Cancer, and so on. 


Simply talking emotionally about our stories (those we can access that are not repressed deep in our subconscious), does little to change our lives. We need to actively shift, transform, dissolve and  delete these falsehoods from the past that have the power to govern and wreak havoc upon our lives!

Heal Your Story

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Carmen Harris





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